Paul Davis in Skaneateles

For companies, recovering from fire damage can become a lengthy and expensive process. When people think of fire damage, they typically think of the heat and flames however ash and smoke can stick around the area much longer. Furthermore, the odor these substances leave can stay in the atmosphere for months if neglected and hurt your business’ reputation.

Experiencing a fire is challenging and Paul Davis knows that your beloved business and income are at risk. Smoke, ash and fire damage treatment are just a portion of the things our experts can do for you in the days after a fire. Across the Skaneateles area, Paul Davis Restoration has assisted commercial property like yours bouce back from big and small fires.

The Paul Davis Advantage

  • 24/7 emergency services – onsite and assisting you in hours
  • Thorough damage analysis, pretesting and estimates from experts
  • Emergency board-up and structural reinforcement
  • Fewer toxins used to eliminate ash and smoke
  • Cleaning, smoke odor neutralization and air purification
  • Contents cleaning- restoration for any fire-damaged items or tools inside your building
  • Water elimination – industrial grade extractors, air movers and dehumidifiers
  • We will rebuild any portion of your business that was harmed by the fire
  • Professional Sanitation used to keep out mold and mildew

Helping Skaneateles

We understand how difficult fires can be on businesses, so we move quickly to get your property back to its original state. Our education, sanitation techniques and years of experience aid us in completing the restoration correctly the first time. Harmed items or furniture is usually simple to renew for our specialists and their tools. We also assist with filing insurance claims to speed up the recovery process.

Let our company help yours. Contact Paul Davis if fire damage and smoke harm your business.