Damage Caused by Water in Homer

Water damage starts from several surprising areas. Typical culprits are basements, ceilings, walls, and appliances. The Paul Davis experts know the proper ways to take care of water damage of all kinds. From entirely flooded properties to water spots, our experts have the training to remove damage to guarantee it doesn’t continue and promote mold growth.

Causes of Water Damage:

Malfunctioning appliances like refrigerators can cause serious water damage around the premises. Issues like these can begin minor. Whether resulting from poor plumbing or appliances, manmade structures can throw out hazardous water damage. Regardless of the type of business you own, water damage has potential to be a real issue for your commercial property. If ignored, it may lead to further damage caused by rot.

Flood damage can be caused by natural sources as well. Severe precipitation or storm systems may problems for your commercial property alone. They can have a dangerous effect if you have commercial property close to a stream that spills over because of these heavy rains.

How We Can Help

Paul Davis offers a long list of services like water damage evaluation and removal. Based on the level of your commercial property, Paul Davis technicians can dry stained surfaces like carpet. We also clean and revive objects like linens. Left untreated, serious water damage could leave mold behind.

Our Flood Mitigation Services Include:

  • Water damage assessment
  • Water removal
  • Drying damp surfaces like walls
  • Cleaning and restoration of possessions like books
  • Removing mold and mildew growth
  • Finding and fixing the source of flooding water
  • Reconstruction services and storm damage repair
  • Cooperating with insurance companies

We Have the Experience You Need

  • We answer and move on time Depending on the extent of damage, Paul Davis professionals should be able to remove water damage in your business in up to three days.
  • We’re experienced – With five decades of service and millions of spaces fixed, Paul Davis will handle your water damage problem.
  • We assist with your claims – Collaborating with insurance groups when recovering from water damage is hard. We can work with your insurance company to settle claims fast.

Neglected water damage, no matter what size, can be dangerous. Let us assess the damage in your commercial space or business. Call your Homer Paul Davis franchise today!